Will is a legal declaration of a legator that shows the details of the assets , properties left to inheritor/s.

Making a will is a practical and useful transaction. Because if you do not, and die without a will, the law on intestacy decides what happens to your property. A will can ensure that proper arrangements are made for your dependants and that your property is distributed in the way you wish after you die, subject to certain rights of spouses/civil partners and children.

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Requirements of a valid will

Someone can both prepare a will self or hire a solicitor to have it done. For a will to be legally valid, the following rules must be available :

  • The will must be in writing. Will can also be oral but written one more official and worthy.
  • Legator must be over 18.
  • Legator must be of sound mind
  • Legator must sign or mark the will or acknowledge the signature or mark in the presence of two witnesses.
  • Legator’s two witnesses must sign the will in legator’s presence.
  • Legator’s two witnesses cannot be people who will gain from his will. They must be present with him at the same time for their attestation to be valid. The witnesses' spouses/civil partners also cannot gain from his will.
  • Legator’s witnesses must see the legator sign the will but they do not have to see what is written in it.
  • The signature or mark must be at the end of the will.

If all or some of these requirements are not met, the will is not valid. If the legator wants to change the will or make any change on it, then a codicil to the will; this codicil must meet the same requirements set out above.

The format of the will

You do not have to have your will in any set format. However, it is important that the will has the following clauses:

  • Legator’s name and address
  • At that says you revoke or disown all earlier wills or codicils.
  • A clause or section of legator’s will that appoints one or more executors, or people who will carry out legator’s wishes.

 There must be a residuary which must say that anything not covered in legator’s will would be a gift or legacy to someone specified clearly.

Legator’s will should be dated and signed by legator and legator’s witnesses.

Property abroad

In order to avoid possible legal and lawful difficulties if someone has a property in other countries, it is generally considered advisable to make a will in each of those countries due to possible differences in succession law.

So, the assets or the properties owned can be shared or allocated in accordance with the legator’s will in stead of facing different and complicated procedural steps.

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Avarage will costs:

All the following costs are, of course, currently charges and may differ due to time it is prepared.

  • If the will carries an amount on it, then the will fee is the % 0,113 of the written amount on will.
  • If the will has no amount on it, then the will fee is 60,80 ₺ ( Turkish Lira)
  • If official translator is needed for the related transactions, then 100 ₺ more will be paid.