Home insurance allows you to have the opportunity of compensation against risks over your home, furniture and those living inside the relevant homes against many risks by providing you the coverage options.

Home insurance coverage against minor and major risks, including floods, fires, burglary, vehicle impacts, technical problems, insufficient insulation and theft of electronic equipment or other valuables. Property in Alanya offers the most optimal insurance policies for you and your property through the companies it cooperates.

No matter you are a homeowner or a tenant, you can have your home insured against all possible.

Home insurance policy premium can vary according to different elements such as risk level of the apartment’s area, floor of the apartment, furniture and other goods which will be included in policy, security measures of the building or the property etc. 

In order to have a home insurance prepared for your home, you need some documents such as;

  • Title deed of the property
  • Your ID/passport etc.

There are many different insurance companies providing insurance policies so Property in Alanya helps you have the most reasonable and optimal policy for your property.

Let us secure you and your home!