Compulsory Earthquake Insurance (DASK)

Risks due to earthquake such as landslide, tsunami, explosion during / after an earthquake are covered under compulsory earthquake insurance provided by Turkish Catastrophe Insurance Pool (TCIP).

Property in Alanya recommends for its customers to follow compulsory earthquake insurance case and absolutely have it. Not just as it is compulsory but more of it for themselves and their safety.

Properties and dwellings listed below have to be insured  through TCIP :

Dwellings on areas belong to private ownership and have registered in Land Registry Office. (Title Deed Office)

Independent sections described in The Condominium Law.

Disaster dwellings sponsored by the government or through the loans provided by the government, due to natural disasters.

Residential buildings which are not registered yet independently by Land Registry Office, can be insured according to information on the title deed of the land building stands on.

The compulsory Earthquake Insurance premium is calculated according to the seismic zone, construction structure, gross floor area and year of construction of the building.

compulsory earthquake insurance policy premium is calculated according to the seismic zone risk level, construction structure, floor of the dwelling and age of the building.

For example; for an apartment of 100 sqm, Annual DASK policy premium is around 50 TL (Turkish Lira) but of course this example is just to give an opinion to you. Otherwise, due to location of the property, purchasing value of the property, floor of the property and some other factors, DASK policy Premium can vary.

In order to have a home insurance prepared for your home, you need some documents such as;

  • Title deed of the property
  • Your ID/passport etc.

There are many different insurance companies providing insurance policies so Property in Alanya helps you have the most reasonable and optimal policy for your property.

Let us secure you and your home!